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twist 100 gr.

Quality of honey: acacia
cover: twist
Type of packaging: glass
Volume of container: 100
Shelf life: 2 years from date of packaging
Storage: from 15 to 26 degrees Subjected to crystallization

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Features Acacia honey

  •  osoblivosti2  Feature Acacia honey is that it always crystallization occurs very small and slow. His liquid and keeps turnover within one to two years, which is not true of other types of bee nectar  




     osoblivosti2  This effect is achieved by low sucrose content and the large number of fructose, which in itself provides acacia honey particular value
  •  osoblivosti Aroma reminiscent of acacia flowers smell. The taste is very delicate  




    Color and condition determined by which type of acacia it was collected. Yes, acacia honey liquid completely transparent and during crystallization is white and fine-grained texture. Honey same with yellow acacia very light, almost transparent, with a slight greenish tinge

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