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Honey - is processed flower nectar bees. Its basis is fructose and glucose (76%), and pollen and enzymes that produce bees account for only 3% of the total weight. However, they determine the unique properties of this product, it adds strength, strengthens the immune system, improves appetite, soothes, heals wounds, and regular use honey instead of sugar promotes weight loss.

Even five centuries ago, honey was the main source of sweetness in European cooking, put it in a mess and fancy cakes, pastries and cakes, juices and beer, even made from the intoxicating drink.


Useful properties of honey

Acacia honey

One of the most valuable varieties of honey are acacia. Aroma reminiscent of acacia flowers smell. The taste is4234235423 very delicate.
Color and condition determined by which type of acacia it was collected. Yes, acacia honey liquid completely transparent and during crystallization is white and fine-grained texture. Honey same with yellow acacia very light, almost transparent, with a slight greenish tinge.
Feature Acacia honey is that it always crystallization occurs very small and slow. His liquid and keeps turnover within one to two years, which is not true of other types of bee nectar. This effect is achieved by low sucrose content and the large number of fructose, which in itself provides acacia honey particular value. Even in crystallized form it does not lose its tenderness and generally sufficient uniformity consistency.


Grasses called honey collected from flowering plants, grasses and trees growing in the same area. Get medical herbs from May to August.
Each unique honey has a unique color, aroma and taste.
In general, very fragrant herbs honey. In great demand, as well as making preventive and therapeutic effect.
The secret of the wonderful qualities lies in the variety and combination of useful properties of plants, which generally increase the positive effect.
Preferring herbs honey, you get the perfect combination of sweet and tasty product with great benefits for your health.





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